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Portfolio Risk, Impact, And Sustainability Measurement

From the start, our endeavour has been to go beyond the traditional model of performance rating and think about impact measurement in bold and exciting new ways. PRISM is not only an effort to make the ratings more holistic, but to create the upstream and downstream transparency and clarity needed to maximise accountability in the social business sector.

Over the last 15 months, our cross-functional team has engaged all major stakeholders of the ecosystem- Limited Partners, General Partners, social enterprises and beneficiaries with a genuine intent to improve the impact investment ratings landscape. The resulting platform PRISM as designed to effectively address the key concerns of stakeholders.

Limited Partners need performance metrics to identify funds best suited to their impact goals. They seek increased clarity on impact results, accountability of partners and sustainability of funds to ensure their investments are justified and safe.

General Partners need performance metrics to align and manage Limited Partners and social enterprise expectations and target appropriate fund sources. They need clarity on performance within the local context to optimise returns and fine tune their investment strategy.

Social enterprises need performance metrics to identify the right investors, focus resources on appropriate metrics and identify gaps in their business model effectiveness.

Our approach involved an examination of what goes into performance as much as measuring what comes out of it. While existing tools focused on the 'what' of the development outcomes delivered by the social enterprises to measure impact, there was inadequate insight on 'how', 'where', 'by who' and 'why' the outputs could be achieved through a particular fund.

Just as a prism reveals hidden layers and colours from a single ray of white light, PRISM aims to  reveal different facets of a fund's impact performance. With its innovative evaluation framework, PRISM adds context and perspective that helps make truly informed interpretations and enables users to think in new directions.

The PRISM Journey