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What About The Privacy Of My Data?

We are glad you asked!

What about the data I enter for my fund assessment?

PRISM does NOT share your data with anyone. Not only does it lie in PRISM's best interest and incentive to ensure comfort in sharing data, but also the founding principles of PRISM rest in accountability for the industry. And that includes being accountable to you, the user, in providing the assurance that all your information is private and shared only as YOU deem fit.

Each user on PRISM has a username and password. No one else can see your data unless you show it to them. On this note, we recommend not sharing your login details!

If you enter data, and choose not to save it, no information is saved. What you see and do on PRISM, is what you get Any exceptions to this rule require the express permission of the person who set up the account. For example, you may choose to share reports or maps generated through PRISM.

While we encourage you to share your results and are working towards a more transparent, accountable industry, our view is not one we would force on our users.

"This above all, to thine own self be true"1 - PRISM treats your data and anonymity as its utmost priority.

1Polonius, Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 3- William Shakespeare